Ezekiel Speaks to the USA Today

God Speaks through His Prophet
In 600 BC Ezekiel was God's prophet. He prophesied the down fall of Israel. He prophesied to dry bones of fallen soldier's to raise up an army. He described a temple that has never yet been built and beckoned Believers of the future (foretelling the indwelling of the Holy Spirit) to immerse themselves in the Spirit.

Warning to Two Nations
Believer's today are coming into the revelation of the dual purpose of the Old Testiment. The historical accounts of ancient Israel are for our edification and set the stage (instructs us) for the 7th Day Restoration to be centered in the new Israel. Ezekiel's prophecies were directed toward both ancient Israel and the new Israel. Even though the new Israel, the United States of America, was not formed for another 2,400 years.
God chose to bless both of these nations: (1) Israel; and (2) the United States of America. Both these nations were to be world leaders in bringing the high thoughts of God into the earth and to be instruments of His plan for establishing the Kingdom on earth. So, it is not surprising that these nations were given great favor, great leaders and great provision. However, it is surprising that both nations have failed in their high calling.
Israel was to be the Mother of Grace, bringing forth the Messiah - to deliver us from the bondage of sin. Yet, most of the choosen people of both ancient and modern Israel rejected Jesus.
God chose the United States to be a "government under God." After 200 years of favor, the government has become prideful and denied the need for God. Traditional churches have become Laodicean in nature, looking good but are naked, wretched and blind, having denied God as the foundation of the nation.

7th Day Provision
The greatest spiritual battle since the resurrection of Jesus Christ is going on right now in what our media calls a global realignment. This epic event that will shake every nation of the world is taking place now (August 2012), yet 99+ percent of Believers have no knowledge of it. Wealth of a magnitude, that would have been unimaginable before, is struggling to be released as provision for the great revival. All of creation eagerly waits for the wealth of Babylon to come forth.
Because of the networking of few faith filled Believers who have heard the Call, this blessing will release billions of dollars into diverse ministries worldwide. Unfortunately, most of the army of the Lord are asleep (being deceived that wealth is for their indulgence) or dead (not having revelation of God's CALL). Perhaps a million Christian Dinarians are held captive as prisoners (sleeping POWs). They are not in the battle, but they are frozen lifeless, waiting for a Re-Valuation (money) to release them from their captivity - this is an abomination.
Let us not wait; money cannot deliver us - deliverance is only by the Spirit of God. Let us be set free and declare the Jubilee.

Ezekiel Speaks to America
The church in America is busy with activity but accomplishes little or nothing in the Kingdom. The MIAs (Missing In Action)are more concerned with looking good than setting captivities free or reaching the lost. In the 37th Chapter, the prophet speaking to the dry bones is a strong admonition for America today. Ezekiel calls across nearly 3 millennium to the dry bones of these walking dead. Unless the army of Lord is raised up and breathes life, there will come a curse of darkness - not joy, not peace, not restoration!
So, if you have heard the Call to GLORY, allow the Spirit of God to say to you, "Rise up and breathe life. Take in the Spirit of God in this hour, and find your place in bringing the Kingdom on earth!" The battle must be won now, then we shall see the GLORY and the coming of the Lord.

Repent, the Kingdom Is at Hand
Just as John the Baptist called to Israel to repent for their deliverer was among them. The Spirit of God calls us to take our place in the Restoration of the Kingdom on earth. If we hear the call, our first step is repentance!

"Father, I repent for expecting Your sovereignty to do my job. You have given me life and the liberty to choose. I should not fear; I should not hide; I should not wait. By agreement with Your Living Word and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit I am more than a conqueror- taking my place in the field."

to be continued
Author: Leonard Heatherly
August 2012