Look Up!
Behold the Glory of the LORD!

Those who have a deep, personal relationship with God have discovered that it is the ultimate exposure to risk and the greatest possible advantage. The tragedy is in that most people seem to prefer a distant relationship. This self-limiting behavior is vividly illustrated in the Old Testament where the Israelites had been freed from the captivity of Egypt, yet the people asked Moses to go alone to speak God. They did not desire to be in His presence, and as a result they built an idol (a god of their own making) and many were swallowed up.

In the modern version, "saved" people place God far away in heaven and throw prayers at Him from a distance. While there is some goodness even in a distant relationship, it is settling for 2% of the potential available. Would these people (want to) settle for 2% of their potential for income? How about a small fraction of health and wholeness? As a consequence they mostly likely have done just that.

People who are wrapped up in their own physical, social and emotional needs usually profess lack, whereby their own words hold them in bondage. Such people give much attention to circumstance but little consideration to their spiritual life not withstanding an occasional shallow outburst of "Oh God!" Unfortunately, they are ignorant and deaf to "seek first the Kingdom, and all these things will be added unto you."

Can you even imagine a disease existing in the presence of God? John G. Lake in his life time of 65 years, without exposure through radio and television (March 18, 1870 - September 16, 1935), was accredited with bringing more than 100,000 people into healing of their physical ailments. Lake said, "When we are in right communion and fellowship with the Lord, there is not power enough in all hell to put disease upon our little finger."

Near our residence in Rockwood, Tennessee, there is a group home of severely retarded men, who fortunately receive good care. These men are only ware of their most basic needs. It is very evident that they live extremely limited lives. How awesome it would be if their minds could be made whole and their bodies released from captivity,if those men became alive to the world.

WHAT IF Believers came alive to 20, 30 or 60% of their potential and became strong in spirit. Poverty and sickness would become defeated as Kingdom Warriors took their place in the field.

Just as it is a tragedy when people suffer due to what is perceived as irreversible circumstance, it is worse when people stay in self-absorbed limitation, for there is a Kingdom to come. The question is: Am I going to live my life in high places with all its risk of vulnerability or as a tragedy of mediocrity and shame?

Of 10,000 thristy men in Gideon's army only 300 looked up as they drank,
and took their place in the field.

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