Exposing Corruption!
from Newsletter 2/20/14

In my newsletter of October 2011, I stated, "There is a great financial blessing coming that would allow, those who have ears to hear, to be debt free and have abundance for good work." Since that time, there has been a great battle against "We the People."

The world has been held hostage by elected politicians and appointees that are the most selfish in American history. It is said that 80 members of congress have already resigned effective at the end of this term. As they withheld from "We the People," they made millions for themselves and more than 100,000 thousand of their buddies, and now many plan to sneak away hoping the American people will never know what they've done. Their arrogance is unbelievable. Don't they know that there are good men who will not be silent.

Viewed as Spiritual or Ideological, it's the same battle. Don't be a